A brief outline about Dorothy Perkins discount code

At what time the term Dorothy Perkins discount code comes to your mind, you would like to have an idea about what the company is all about. It has been established more than 95 years ago and is one of the biggest fashion retailers in the business. It has nearly 600 stores in the UK as well as under its flagship more than 124 international brands.

The specialities

They are famous for its feminine, affordable stylish along with fashionable finger prints. A point to be noted is that their range of clothes along with accessories are updated daily in their stores, so as a customer you have something to figure out always. In terms of sizes they are available in the range of 6 to 22, which does include tall, petite or maternity collections. This is coupled with shoes along with the required accessories to complete your look. It is suggested that once you are planning to buy then rely on the use of Dorothy Perkins discount codes as you are bound to avail attractive discounts on the same.


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The history

The company is indeed proud of its British heritage. Taking into consideration that the company has developed over the last 100 years or so, the company too has. In the year 1909, it began its operations as a lady’s hosiery store. This was that time when the middle class wore high collared blouses along with long skirts or pins as well as ties. The lesser strata of society went on to wear simple clothes.

The year 1919 marked a turning point in the history of the company. It was that time when they expanded to 12 shops as well as the impressively priced five shilling blouse in consortium with the knit wear was introduced. The seed of value of propositions was introduced.