Changing Priorities of the Youth Culture

No matter what anyone says, the youth is always the best phase of our lives. In fact of all the generations that are living on earth right at this moment, only the one that is making a difference or the one that is highly looked upon in terms of what they are doing is youth. Look at it this way, the older generation look up to youth to reminisce their memories. The grown up generation is learning a lot from youth and those in business know that they are running because of younger generation. Talking about the youth, we all know that no one can be more self-centred than us because we all are narcissistic little pricks who can’t think of anything besides our self. This system exists and will continue to exist till the end of days.

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However, something that has and will also continue changing till the end of times is the priorities that a younger generation has for themselves. These priorities are somewhat like, join the army, getting into a good university, being famous on social media, even if you have buy instagram followers. Now none of it is wrong because we all are just the mirror image of the kind of environment we were brought up in. So it is pretty cool and not at all stupid if you want to buy Instagram followers because that has become a priority for our generation. Earlier people thought about the great American dream, the great British dream but that’s gone as of now. Only about one per cent of youth is heading in the right direction.

Rest are living their lives and having fun which absolutely great. People in our time prioritise to live more on the social media world, so they want to buy Instagram followers to have a better reputation.