Make Use of a Whizzinator, It Seems Real but It’s not!

As the world progresses towards a better future, the human kind is coming up with new and innovative designs and devices to bypass the normal procedures of life. The Whizzinator fake penis is one of its kinds. There are only two modes of urinating which arethe need to urinate and the other being the want to urinate.

The fake penis helps a person to cope with all the pleasures of urinating and also feel the stimulation of being able to urinate from a fake penis.The fake penis is made so brilliantly well that is preserves all the minute details an original penis has. Thus this penis can be used as a source of medical experiments and also as a means of sexual pleasures.


Why a Whizzinator?

The fake penis form Whizzinator is generally used to stimulate the feeling and processing of urine. The other use of this penis is that it can be used to test and examine for drugs inside the body. The pack of the fake penis comes with the main body of the penis which is beautifully made; it comes with a bottle of synthetic urine which helps to imitate the original urine that one might expel out from his body.

The pack also come with adhesive pad, belt or fastener and also heat pads. The heat pads are used to warm the temperature of the urine and to maintain the body heat and also to give a realistic feel to the urine.

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