Steps to analyse the advertisements

Understanding the performance of the spy Google adson any social media networking platform is very important otherwise you would be simply spending a lot of money and it would go for waste for sure.

Hence, tracking and analysing the advertisement performance using the free spy ad toolsis also a part of business strategy when it comes to online business and marketing.

Below mentioned are some of the things that you need to check when you have an advertisement being placed on a social media networking website to increase the revenue of your business using the socialpeta.

Advertisement on any of the social media networking platforms going live would have an analysis that will be created by the social media networking platform itself.


If you are not well verse in understanding the numbers it is very important that you hire somebody who can understand the numbers and analyse it for you.

If you do not understand the simple graph which is being provided on the platforms where you promote then it is highly a big waste to go ahead and invest in creating an ad campaign on any of these platforms.

Understanding the insights of every advertisement that you promote is very important and Facebook has a very simple and special column to check for the number of likes and the number of post reaches for every single day you have made on your advertisements.

It is not a rocket science to understand that particular report as it requires a  little bit of practice and also a little bit of knowledge in the numbers in this can always help you to improve your business to a greater extent.

After you have placed your advertisement on any of the social media networking website you should always follow up and follow through on the advertisement every single day as the process of algorithm is a random thing.